Friday, January 4, 2013



These last couple of days have been very eventful and quite awesome. It is finally and already 2013. We made it. THE WORLD DID NOT END! hahaha. Its so weird, i feel like i blinked my eyes and this year was over. A lot of great thing happened in 2012, such as graduation, first semester of college, finishing first semester of college, spending more time with my dad, and learning so much about myself. I opened up a lot more on my blog and advertised my blog and commented on a lot of blogs (it took so much). I dyed my hair, turned 19, my sister got pregers, my niece was born, and so much more. It was a great year, but I've been so stocked for new things and changes!

So the last few days I have made a million list, bought so many note book, and  have been getting ready for my second semester of college (i start Monday.) this year I wanted to make so many changes and resolutions, but i didn't want to overwhelm myself, and I already have my 40 before 20 going on so it is kinda of a lot.But i wanted to make one or two.

1.art journal or journal everyday- i have always loved collages and writing, but for the past few year I haven't. So i wanted to do it so i am able to get thing off my chest and be creative at the same time.

2. stop being socially awkward and negative- this one might sound weird. but this year i convinced myself that i was socially awkward so i should not try to make friends or i should be intimidated by people. That lie was total crap and it has eaten a bit of my life. I know i am shy and a bit awkward but i do like people for some weird reason. So my goal is to stop judging people on what they think about me and talk to everyone no matter how weird i come off.

Those are my changes I am going to make, on top of a million more. How was your new year spent, and what are you changing?

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