Wednesday, August 29, 2012

52 weeks of outfits: week 1


So I am kinda bad with doing something everyday as you can tell. Well last week I took 1 outfit picture, but as the days go on I am getting a lot better at this.

I understand that I don't have the best clothes or the trendiest style but this is more for me. Not to sound selfish but I don't apologize.  I am learning concurring the fact that I love the skin I am in and the style God has given me.
So for the next 52 weeks or so you will see the many mood, faces, personalty and so forth, in the way that I dress.

life snippets










1. morning window view
2. college stuff.... it has been so crazy these past few weeks since starting, it kind of feels like a dream
3. dinner madness
4. organizing
5. fuzzy bunny
6. a dancing girl
7. me and my sissy brianna on the road
8. my collection of erasers over the years
9. trying to decorate and be a photograph.... fail

These past few weeks have been so crazy, fun and just have been a bit to get use to.I kinda feels like a dream because i'm starting to step in to things that I have thought about forever. Its funny how in just moments things can change and you can be a whole new person.  My mindset that I had on my self has shifted from "why can't you be like them" to "I am going to walk out my dream and stop focusing on other people" and " I am capable of doing this." I might not mean much to you, but that is what I have struggled for a long time. Its really empowering!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go on a Road Trip with my cousins!

cousins grapes waterfall water fall2 statue statues doors clouds museum museum museum museum art beach beach

I CHECKED OFF MY FIRST 40 BEFORE 20!  In the beginning of the month(yes I lagged) me and my three cousins took a small road trip to San Jose than went to Santa Cruz.  It was such a fun and busy day, and when you had only two hours of sleep oh man it was tiring.

First we went to San Jose and went to the Egyptian museum, which is were I got most the pictures from. If you have a chance to go you should totally take it.  It was really cheap and there was so much to look at.  They had radio tours, guided tours.
We also went to Winchester mansion, but I could take any pictures there. It is this giant mansion with over 80 something rooms and stuff lead to nowhere and what not.  It is creepy but awesome.  On the tour they talked about the lady who lived there and why she kept building and bit about her life. Everything was in the late 1800 or early 1900 or so.

After we went to downtown Santa Cruz and ended up finding a music and art festival.  There was so to die for food and so many art sellers.  I wanted everything. So I caved and bought some jewelry form an etsy seller.  There was also so amazing dancing Jamaican music and hippies dancing every where.  It was the funniest thing to see my cousins face because they don't really do stuff quite like that but it was an awesome time. 
Once we were done there we headed to the beach, ate Pizza my heat and some amazing teeth killing cupcakes.

All in all I'm am really glad I did this before every one leaves to college and starts there lives.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Words of wisdom

words of wisdom

Hello! I am adding something new called words of wisdom.  They are my every day pictures with everyday life lessons and thoughts for you buck! This is just a way for me to get my thoughts and maybe make someones day:)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Responsibility is over Rated!


Today was my first day of COLLEGE! Yes I am now a college student and I am kind of excited. I am just going to my city college, but none the less the responsibility of being an adult is making me giddy. It might sound really naive of me, but pretty much all of my life things were done for me and many decisions were made for me. I'm not complaining because I do appreciate what every one has done for me, but I am also super excited to see what putting my trust in God and my hands will bring to life.

The past few months I have been getting more and more responsibility and I am starting to feel like an adult. Iv'e always kind of been responsible, helping around the house, being a mini adult and what not but it felt like the last couple of years I had been relying on my mom and other people to do and make the adult decisions. Since I started home studies I found myself being afraid of failing or the thought of failing.  I would also quite things because I would look at them as a job or a chore. So my solution was to quite before I could fail, or stop my hobby because it wasn't fun anymore. My thinking wasn't full proof but you know teenagers *wink.  These past two years have been a bit hard with me always crushing my own dreams because I was running from failure. So I decided to stop running and live out my dreams, To really love life and stop worrying about what might bust, crack or brake as long as I am living out my life.

I have been try to take the responsibility a few at a time so I don't go crazy and want to quite. I started looking at my hobbies again with a great deal of happiness.  I have been blogging thing that I love and that are me, instead of blogging things that are in even though I don't like them.  I started looking at my make up and trying new things because before I felt I had to have nature make up because it was in. I also started crafting just for the fun of it.  I also started making stuff for my shop that I like and not just for sales. And the best  is not looking at my life as "it could be better" or "I wish I had her life" but really enjoying what I have and making the most of it. Life is so beautiful but it depend on what side you look at it from.

Also this morning I found it so funny when I went in to my class and I was so giddy to be there, but as I looked around everyone looked so dead and miserable. I think three years of home studies helped me out in that way.
Have a lovely day.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

40 before 20

40 before 20

This year I have been trying out a lot of new things, such as pushing myself to embrace life, instead of letting it pass me by. I have always been mellow and and passive, so it really hit me a few days before my birthday that I was turning 19 years old, and this was the time that what ever I put my hand to do, is what will shape my future. I want to be happy with my life.  Not necessarily have something to show for it, but when I look back I want to be able to say, "that was amazing , and I regret nothing."

I have never really been good with goals and keeping up any of them, but I thought I would try it out again. I made a list of Forty things to do before I  turned twenty. I wanted my list to be things that scared me, but challenge me, yet are still realistic. The inspiration came from Kara of I Just Might Explode. So here goes nothing!

I will be documenting each accomplishment on my blog and will be ending the list on August 2, 2013.

1. stop and go flim
2. watch sun rise
3. make some vlogs
4. buy an instant camera 
5. do crazy makeup for photos
6. stop drinking soda for a month 
7. go on a small road trip with cousins- done 
8. visit sequoia national park
9. write a poem
10. learn to paint- done
11. embroider 
12. use snail mail
13. make a real life friend
14. go roller skating 
15. sew a dress
16. visit sun maid raisin factory  
17. collect and press flowers 
18. start my business 
19. read 5 books
20. go camping 
21. make a recipe book 
22. leave money on a vending machine
23. family trip
24. take a pic of a kid laughing 
25. throw a bom fire 
26. take family portrait
27. buy a bikini 
28. screen print 
29. take 52 portrait of myself
30. take an e-course class  
31. get licence/ get car
32. be a vegetarian for a week
33. get a tattoos 
34. take 2 rows of film  
35. go to the aquarium 
36. find a club to join
37. visit 3 different museums
38. get an A in a class
39. take pictures with 100 different people, 10 MUST be strangers
40. relive everything in pictures

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday snipits

I have lagged once again! My birthday was on the second and I am just doing this ooops.  I have been running around like a mad person trying to get all my college stuff together and what not.  Anyways, on my birthday I wanted to try something different this year. I had wrote down 19 things I wanted to accomplish on my 19 birthday. Even though I didn't get to do all of them, it was so fun to go out have an adventure other then staying home waiting people to wish me a happy birthday. I loved it for the fact that there was not a dull moment that day.  Here are a few snaps of that day. There is not many because my camera got deserted after a bit.
Some of the things that I crossed off my list were, leave a note for a stranger, thrift, write 19 things I love about me, write 40 things to do before 20, leave money on a vending machine, bbq, and had a waffle party.
Are there any special things you do on your birthday?
Have a wonderful day.
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