Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In the land of crafting

kitty 02 03 04 05

Lately my crafting table looks as though a hurricane or even a toddler came and destroyed everything.  It is a tad bit good because it means I have been a messy little bee, not picking up after myself well I craft. These days all I want to do is create something new which feels good. I feel like myself again. Not really caring if I am "doing things right" but just living as if I can accomplish pretty much anything.

I have finally been pushing myself to finish up things for my shop and stop putting things off. So I picked a deadline so it speeds me along and I'm not dragging it on till death. All is well in the land of crafting! I hope yours is too.

note the crazy cat tripping out on the paint brushes heehee!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to the Basics


I have had this blog for about a year going on two but I never really did anything with it because I was never satisfied with it or who I was.  I tried so hard to be a "blogger" and lost my motives and inspiration as for why I started blogging.

My reason for starting Flies in a Peach Can was because I was on home-studies and I wanted to connect with creative people like me. I wanted to create things and share. Most of all it was going to be a place were I could be myself and not feel weird.

In the end I did. Not because I was weird and super different but because I was trying to do thing like most people and felt like I had to, to get friends.  I've learned that we are all different, and it might be in the smallest way but when we try to do the same things as other people we began to sell ourselves short. And I am really tired of doing that.

My passion for who I am and what I love doing is back and really seeing that its okay to be myself. I don't want to crave people gawwing at my stuff or who I am. I just want to live an amazing and beautiful life, throw the mistakes and doubts and always stay myself.

This weekend marked a great revelation in my life, and it had me think quite a bit. On Sunday I try to delete my previous post because I wanted to start "new" with a clean slate and all that jazz. A few post into it I stopped myself feeling as though I was erasing a piece of me. It sound really lame, but this thing that I had put my blood, sweat and tears into hurt when I tried to start new and not look back at my mistakes. I then start thinking my mistakes show me what I have become despite all the craziness. So here I am going back to the basics and loving every minute of my unscheduled life!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quote me happy

everything 02 03 04

Lately  I have really been obsessed with quotes of all cheesy sizes and what not.  So when I get down I think of all these corny quotes to keep me running and stop being scared of what ever is in my way.  This past couple of weeks has not been any different. So in my crafting time all these came up and a bit of courage to run again also.


Monday, September 17, 2012

52 weeks of outfits: week2

01 02 03 04

Here is a few outfits from this week. My camera is not the best so I apologize dearly.

What I am wearing: picture 1 and 2: top; forever21, pants thrifted, shoes target, necklace ;I made it, rings; forever21
picture3: dress; vintage, belt; thrifted,
picture4: top; forever21, skirt; thrifted

Friday, September 14, 2012


planting cucumbers 01 02 03 04 05 06

This is what you get when you miss your morning class and have the cutest cousin ever! I turn around to see what she was doing because she was to quite and this is what I seen.
You gotta love kids, especially when they are not your heehee.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 Random things about Me


I wanted to write this post so that you might be able to see my personality or a bit of who I am.

1. I live in a teeny tiny town called Orange Cove in California.
2. My most favorite animals live in the sea or a farm
3. I can't decide on just one favorite animal :)
4. I love mostly all types of music.
5. I am very awkward!
6. I dislike fads
7. My dream is to travel and see many places
8. The color combinations turquoise and orange make me happy!
9. I love to create things
10. I can be really shy when around people
11. My real name is Sabrina :0
12. I am an impulsive laugher
13. I collect a lot of nonsense
14. I like being different
15. get stuck onto many shows

Nice to meet you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

hello September


Hello September! Hello tea dates, late night studying, fall colors. Hello organization, crafting, and movie nights. Hello blogs, leaf hunting, room decorating, fall living, baking, and music hunting!