Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Art?

 photo 07.jpg   photo fri001_zps023145fd.jpg ever since i could remember i have been intrigued with the world of creativity. my mother is one of the most creative human being i know. but i am biased. she taught us from a young age to act the way we liked, not the way we thought we should act. so growing up we didn't listen to brittney spears, or any boy bands, we grew up to Eminem, tupac, incubus, nirvana, guns and roses, bikini kill, and a bunch of bands kids weren't allowed to listen to. now before you go judging, my mom is a great parent. anyways i remember in school i always had a problem with spelling, and reading, but that didn't stop me from writing. i could write and put my thoughts down on paper better then sharing them out loud. i'm still that way.
i new as a got older i was different from the rest of my cousins, and friends, and didn't understand why. Everyone seen art as a way to get to nowhere land fast.so i stop saying i wanted to be an artist, and said i wanted to be a doctor. it was a lie because i hated everything about doctors, but i didn't want to feel dumb about wanting to be an artist.
 photo 2012-10-27_17-59-07_181.jpg in high school i went on home studies and had a lot of free time, so i did what every person would do. Make things. i fell in love with the fulfillment of making something all on my own. i thought i was awesome and not weird for the first time in a long time. and one day well online i bumped into an amazing thing called blogging. so now i found this community that endorsed making things, and fashion, and just being awesome.
but quickly i fell into that trap where i had to fit into the "blogger" mold. i would get really sad and not feel worthy, but i forgot what started it in the first place. the fact that i wanted to be in the community where people loved creating all day long. to not feel dumb because i feel better writing things out then saying them, or taking pictures to capture a moment, or doodling because that is how i see things.
 photo SAM_1550_zpsf5013ce3.jpg>  photo DSC09474.jpg">
about a year ago i moved out of my parents house and moved to the city, and started a bible internship. the internship is very demanding, with little time to get ready or things like that. so the other day i was looking my self in the mirror and i got a little scared because i was dressed so boring and with no makeup. that is not like me. so i started thing why that happened? well because i have been on my own i thought i had to grow up and what grown up wears characters on their clothes, and puts on makeup like a drag queen?
but then i realized a lot of artist and creative people do. just because i am an adult does not mean i have to dress like i am dead.
this is when i started blogging again, because i need an outlet to love art again. in my clothes, makeup, d.i.ys, poems, stories, doodles,and everything.
So why art?
Because i can express myself without words, codes, or even a gesture. you can listen to a playlist and know how i am feeling, see a picture and know what i am saying, and read and know what i am saying.
art is not just something fancy people have in there home, it is something a kid can hold on to when the world is about to fall right on top of them.