Monday, November 19, 2012

i run in circles


i run in circles
round and round all the more
i know what to do
but they just never get done
my mistakes are repetitive
and my actions hold no grace
i know what i want bu the repetitive numb circle keeps me traped

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a bit busy and sick


I hate how every time i'm on the verge of making schedules and what not allergies kick in! For the past week i have been fighting the felling to sleep all day, since by 4pm it looks like 10pm. I have been brain storming up a storm (heehee), watching freaks and geeks, cuddling with buns, and been laying down.

I have noticed that i get super excited on the begging of the months because it is a fresh start on goals and all that jazz. I have been thinking of thing I really want my blog to be that i am in love with. I have been trying to sew because I have to make a whole spring like by January (holy goodness!) I need to study for my drivers test because NO ONE like being my taxi anymore. Also I have been trying to make my room more like an inspirational studio.I have just a bit going on, but i think it feel or looks like a lot because i don't do it. Yeah, shame on me! So that is my goal really just staying busy every day!
Do you have any monthly goals?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

the famous leaf turning


Who thought at nineteen I would be frustrated about what people thought of me? I as sure didn't. By 13 years old I felt like I knew who I was and I was okay and a bit over joyed. I knew I was weird and that no one got most of what I did, and I dressed a lot different then most teenagers. I was fine with ME! Then came the blogging world. About 2 years ago I started my blog. But in the attempt to do that I got clouded by all the trendy things going on in the blogger world. I felt like I had to be like then to make my mark but that didn't happen. I lost myself in the polished outfits, nude makeup, and watered down interest. I am not say that all of that is bad because I do get inspiration out of it, but you can not shove yourself into something that is nowhere near who you are. I had become a box of something that I despised. I lost joy with who I was, how I viewed things, and my days felt horrible. I felt like I was to old to do anything magnificent  since so many people by my age had there stuff together.  I kept looking back at the shadow of who I was I hoped one day maybe just one day I could be me, happy, unmatched me again! About a few weeks ago I became really frustrated with who I had become, reminiscing on how I used to view the world. So shock off fake me and went on walks like I used to, started altering my clothes again, bedazzled everything, and stated dreaming again. I know I have so much in store for me, and that I just need to stay true to myself. This post might be a little clique but I am so fine with it!
Are there somethings you want to or have turned a leaf to?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello November


hello my dear November. nice to see you cold weather, pumpkin pies, get together's, board games, and movies nights. hello fall conference, turkey day, hot chocolate dates, and craft nights. welcome good habits, God books, loving myself, and being me again. November i will see you through many nights and pretty days!