Monday, August 26, 2013

Across the world we go

Monday is upon us once again, and this is what i wore. I don't know why but i love mondays. it just full of newness. so i came up with this innocent, clean, travel some outfit.
I got the shirt from a thrift store and made it more girly. i added a lace pocket and a lace collar. it is now my favorite shirt.
What does monday remind you of?

Xo- Meagan

Dress; forever 21// Button up; thrifted and revamped// Shoes; thrifted// necklace; forever21// gold ring; grandpas// wood ring; me// righnstones ring; gift

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pressed and Dried Flowers

For as long as i remember my mom has always loved dried flowers, but i never did it myself. So for my 19th year of life i wanted to press and dry flowers. It was really fun and they are so pretty. I think my favorite is that every flower has a story. i remember where i got them and who i was with. its like a pretty year book, but with flowers.

XO- Meagan

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Happy Thursday! In a couple of weeks i will be moving from my awesome huge room into a small tiny room well i am away at a internship for ministry. I have a very bad attachment to my room so i thought to show my favorite parts. I have a lot of stuff so i stick it into little corners. These are not all, but i didn't want to bore you. So here are a few of my favorite corners.
Xo- Meagan

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Notebook cover d.i.y

So another school year is starting up and i have been dying for graphic and quoted notebooks. But since i am a college student i thought i would get smart and make my own.

You will need:
-magazine cut out or paper
-water downed glue
-any accessories such as; glitter, rhinestones, or sequence

1. start by cutting your page out. it can be in a pattern, a whole bunch or things or just one thing. For this notebook i went for a simple quote.

2. Water down your glue a tiny bit. its all personal preference. I do 1 part glue to 1/3 part water. Get your glue and put a layer on your notebook.

4. Add your magazine piece. Make sure to start with one corner and press down to the other end so that you don't get air bubbles. I added glitter, you could just add the rest with more magazines or whatever.

5. After you have all you things on the way you want add another layer of glue on top to seal your cut outs so they won't lift up. This is great for glitter so its not everywhere.

You are done now you have awesome notebooks for less than a $.50.
So get crafty and make a whole bunch of them!

Xo- Meagan

Friday, August 9, 2013

Be Like Me; Beauty Products



Hello interweber's!
Welcome to my new series. For a while I wanted to have a things that I love post, so I thought it would be great to make is things that I already have.  So these post are going to be different categories each time of things that I have and adore. Hope you love it!
Happy Friday


Thursday, August 8, 2013

The day we DARE

Outfit: Shirt; jc pennys revamped  Pants; Torrid  Shoes; old navy  Purse; thrifted  Sunglasses; thrifted

This week i started off my week by reading a bunch of fat, loving, feminist, and soaked up how to just not at all care and wear what you want. Today i went jogging in the morning and i felt so good about the day, myself and my body. So i was very daring and wore a crop top for the first time. It was slightly mortifying for about the first hour, but then after hours of wearing it i felt very empowered and freaking awesome! I am REALLY conservative a lot of the time, but i felt this was very over due. I wasn't like "oh boys look at my sexy body" it was more of a statement to my self of "Hey this is my body and i love it." Today was very life changing because i am able to see myself and my body in a new and different light. These past couple of weeks have been a constant battle of how i view my self. Even thought i know i have so much work every step is making me better.

So today i DARE you to do something that is a little bit scary for you that you have been wanting to do for a while. You don't have to be a big girl or wear a crop top, it can be wearing patterns on your pants, showing off your imperfections, wearing a loud tutu to the store or anything that has been condemned as weird. Have fun and Kill it.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Here I come 20's

20 sephora comics cards 20

So i am officially  in my 20's! I feel old its GREAT! The reason i look so awkward in the first pic is cause my family was outside watching me, Not cool! Any who my birthday was on friday, and it was probably one of the quietest birthdays ever. Usually i try to fit in twenty things that day and i end up running around like a crazy person. So this year i just spent time with my two cousins and we hung out at the mall, ate beef, and chocolate, and caught a movie. After i went to a friends house, orders in some sushi and watched hell on wheels. It was pretty great.

I got some cool gift this year. The beauty products was birthday money spent on sephoa so it still counts. My friend got me the book and comics, i geeked out with all of them. They were given as my birthday week gifts so that was fun. I finish the book in probably in two days because i had to do other things. Its so great, if you haven't read it, you need to get your hands on it. since i read it i have been making thins like crazy. The comic books are also so amazing they are older DC comics. I think they were made in 98 or so. The stories are so crazy and awesome if you can get you hands on some do it! The last was some birthday cards from my sister and my church family. My sisters card was so funny and made me cry a bit.

Have a great night.