Tuesday, February 26, 2013

40 before 20: snail mail

mail1 mail2

Happy Tuesday everyone!
one of my 40 before 20 was to use snail mail. When i wrote it I a bit skeptical that i would  actually get this one done, because i am a bit of a lagger. haha. So when i seen kitty and buck lovely letters i was ecstatic and i signed up. My partner was Ann- Marie, and she is so freakin' cool. She's a talented artist and she like using snail mail. maybe she will write you?

Overall this was really fun. it opened me up to an new thing that i love doing, and i got to meet some one new. hopefully i will meet a lot of other snail mailers hahha. and i will definetley keep doing this.  if you want to snail mail me email me at fliesinapeachcan@gmail.com for my address. Its fun and i'm not that boring I promise.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday threads


Ever since i started school i haven't really put that much effort into getting dressed. i had been wear simple things because i didn't want people to think i was weird. Yeah i know i'm lame for thinking that. So lately i've been on a kick, putting outfits together and wearing crazy things again. I know it doesn't show at all in this outfit but trust me prints, fat jewelry  missed matched things are being wore and going to photoed.

This outfit was for church and showing my eagerness for spring. And because i found my yellow cardigan when my aunt moved out.

Have you been wearing any items that are screaming spring?


Monday, February 18, 2013

52 portraits


So was looking at my calender and i got really startled because i have not done my 40 things before 20. So i started taking my 52 portraits and it has been a lot of fun. I've experimenting with a whole lot of different angles and am learning about capturing moments. In the begging it took me so long to get myself to take a picture of myself, because i am so bad at standing in front of a camera by myself. But its great. It has really been helping me get over my awkward hump and not caring if i look like a freak stand by myself posing! Is any one else taking a portraits or photo challenge? Happy Monday and presidents day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

un-told story's


A few days ago i went to my first poem reading, and it was great. Connie Hales read about five or six poems. Each one was really simple but breath taking. Most of her poems were about real peoples and experiences. She wrote about her mom and women that she grew up around and even event that took place while growing up. While listing to here this idea and cliche that we have always walked around popped into my head. So that is today's word of wisdom.You should defiantly check some of here stuff out its amazing.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

chopped hair and conversation


So i finally went though what i have wanted to do for months. I cut all my dead weight i called hair, and i love it. It has taken a bit to get used to it since i never had short hair. But in my two weeks of living with it i have not regretted it.

Another new thing is the fact that i'm kinda falling in love with college. It might sound a bit dumb or weird, but it has grown on me. And since i hated it from the begging its a good thing. That does not mean i am going to go out and join a fraternity or i go to college parties( which by the way there is nothing wrong with that), but it has opened me to a whole lot of other new things. I have been getting into literature and different art form, such as clay, writing, reading and so much more on my free time. Its so funny because in the begging of my school year i was upset that my mom was making me go to city college and not to an art school that i had been wanting to go for years. But as i look back now these are going to be my experiences that are going to make me later. So since my last class period (about 2 hours ago) i have decided that i would take every experience on hand and not let them slip away because it is not my vision of how it should be. And that for me is a huge deal. I always want to have this a certain way or have the results really fast.

okay i am done ranting.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Outside objects

Happy Monday! i thought it would be fun to make some random object post. it stated when i was grading and notices the little pile that had formed from all the junk treasures that i had been pulling out of the dirt. its really cool to see all the stuff that ends up outside.