Thursday, March 29, 2012

D.I.Y: Magazine Note Book

I'm super excited to share another d.i.y!  So if you haven't noticed I am a little obsessed with note books and being organized (well the thought of being organized).  I'm also obsessed with magazine and picture cut outs (f.y.i. that is what got me into crafting:) so what is better than putting them both together.

You will need: Really thin piece of card board: magazine cut outs: drawing paper, line paper or what ever you want to use; hole puncher; paint brush; mod podge or home made mod podge

How to make home made mod podge: half Elmer's glue and half water. If you feel it is to runny you can thicken it up.
Step one: In my note book I wanted my pages to be all kinds of sizes but in every other page I put in these pages from an old calender.  I used them as a pattern for my cover.
Step two: Make pattern for cover

Step three: Decorate as you wish using the home made mod podge to seal it so there is no lifting.
Step four: Well you are waiting for your cover to dry, cut out all you magazine pages and papers and arrange them together.
Step four: Well you are waiting for your cover to dry, cut out all you magazine pages and papers and arrange them together.
You can see how all my pages are all different. You don't have to do that if you don't like it.
I also put line paper behind every magazine cut out and cut the shape of whatever it was to give it a cool little effect.

Hope you like this. Go crazy and make all kinds of magazine note books!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Suit

Hello Cupcake!
So don't you despise when you set a goal and you are so pumped that you are going through with it and nothing goes your way?.... Well that is what happened to me this last week.  I was so excited that I had posts lined up and I was finally going to blog regularly.....and then my Internet goes and decides to mess up for about a week and a half.  Anyways my Internet is working, so no more complaining or procrastinating.

 yellowandblue yellowandblue2 yellowandblue3 yellowandblue4 yellowandblue5

I have a night class once a week and since I'm on home studies I always scared to get to dressed up lol. So to avoid looking strange (which I probably do already) I usually wear stuff alone the lines of this: Jeans, plane button up, cardigan, and any shoes. 

It was so funny, when I was editing the pictures I realized that my cardigan was the same color as my wall. So it kind looks like I'm wearing my wall. BE ON THE LOOK OUT GUYS, I'M TOTALLY MAKING IT A TREND!

So what are you more comfortable in? Or do you not mind at all?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

My picture project

Polish rocks flowers silly faces blooms flower2 books makeup shoes

Happy Thursday! Whoot Whoot dance party......... and done heehee!
So anywho I have been wanting to start this project since the begining of the year.  Yeah I know we are three months into it, but I refuse to call myself a prorastinater. 
  So what the Picture Project is its just me taking picture everyday and uploading them on flickr and every week rounding up about seven pictures and doing a post. I want to have themes and everday life. I am going to make a page for it so let me know if you want to participate or have any themes.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

D.I.Y: paint swatch calender

   Hello beauty's! I have been on a massive rampage on creating wonderful little things.  The last past year or so I had dropped the ball in making stuff.  I was so focused on other things that were not changing and trying to be someone else.  So I am done acting crazy and ready to be a crazy, colorful crafting lady with bad taste.  Get ready to see all my other crazy ideas. 
   So anyways (sorry I ramble alot) I had been needing a little small date keeper (if not I forget everything) to fit in my purse.  Every time I go to walmart of or anywhere that has a paint department I snag the pretty paint swatches. 
paint swatch calender paint swatch calender

You will need: ribbon or any type of string, lot and lots of colorful markers, paint swatcher, hole puncher, and a glue stick.
 paint swatch calender2

step one: My paint swatch was big enough to fit four pretty big rectangles.  So with a pincil draw an outline of how ever many squares or rectangles you want.

paint swatch calender3

Step two: Outline your line you did with the pencil.  I like making designs on all of them.

paint swatch calender4

Step three: Glue two pages together.  This is kinda optional.  But so that there wouldn't be so many pages everywhere.

paint swatch calender5

Step four: Number all your pages once you have them glued. because the first time I did this my dates were all wrong heehee.

paint swatch calender6

Step five: Make you month page. 
Step six: Hole punch all your pages and tie it together.

Tada All Done! Now you can be an organized wonder:)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily outfits: Feathers and lace

feathers and lace feathers and lace2 feathers and lace3 feathers and lace4

Outfit: lace dress: forver21, shirt: gift, cardigan: target, shoes: target, necklace:forever21

   It has been awhile since I've posted anything.  I'm super excited because I have so much planned I finally figured out I need to be more organized, so I got a planer!  So I have stuff planned.   I had kept coming to a stop every time I would try to fix up my blog and really start to blog.  All those wonderful thought of not being adequate to fit into the blogger circle.  I started freaking out on how I was not the same as these blogger.  Everyone else had amazing clothes awesome creativity and pretty body's.    But then I was browsing the interweb and I found fashion pirate's the state of fashion blogging.  I thought it was amazing because she hit on so many point that are true and explain why I was feeling so down.  Even though I don't consider my self  fashion blogger or any knowledge of fashion, it gave me confidence to not care on how people are going to view me but if it makes me happy so be it!

 Any who this outfit was really fun and famine to put together.  I'm not really a dress person but I am trying to push myself to wear dresses and skirts more than pants.  It not like I hate dresses and skirts but I always feel like if I wear them just to ordinary, everyday place people look at me weird.  But oh well heehee.  So as of now I am growing my dress and skirt collection and looking everywhere on how to style them differently.

  Let me know if you guys ever have problems with ever getting your blog going.  Or if peoples views of you get in the way of doing things your own way?