Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thrift finds

Hello pretties! I'm so excited because it is day 2 of my daily blogging. i know i know it is not that big of  a mild stone for much but I'm dancing for joy heehee!  Anyway.... Lately I have been thrifing more and more and today I wanted to show what I came across this week.  It not a lot but usually I leave empty handed.

blck dress yellow skirt blue earings

The firsts one is the cute little black dress.  My camera is not very good so you can tell that it is a velvety dress and super comfy.  I fell in love with this polka dot yellow skirt.  Yellow is one of my favorite dresses so I was smitten when I found this.  I want to shorten it just a smudge because its not really long but not short so it kind looks a little odd on my body type.  At last.... This fine little earrings!  I don't know if you can tell in my pictures but I have my ears stretched out, but I was so in love that I had to get them.  I was coming up with ways to wear them and I think I came up with something good so keep watch for a crazy little d.i.y! 
Have you been thrifing lately? What have you got? 


  1. I was just at a second hand store the other day and got a few books, it was fun... I even got followed around by this Asian girl don't know if she worked there but anyway it's always fun to find throw aways that you can make into treasures.

  2. thought i would stop by the blogs of those who signed amy's self love declaration of independence! hope its going well for you. and its hard to try and blog on a daily basis. i know i can't do it, trying to inspired and thinking of what to write. props to you! and good luck :)

  3. Thank you so much encouagement:) It is really hard to blog every day heehe, I get stuck on what to talk about and feel like my stuff is going to be dumb. But I'm getting over that and I'm doing what I love to do.