Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obsession: self image

I think for as long as women have lived they have been told how to present them selves, and if you are not presenting your self "correctly" you are ugly and made to hate your self.  Every women has probably had some self loving and self image problems because it is no normal now.

I kinda wanted to make a BIG deal about this because this week this little things have made such a significant impact on how I view myself.  I have always hated my body and who I was because growing up I was the fat weird kid.  Growing up with self image problems have set me back in so many things.  I have missed out on doing fun things because I didn't want to look dumb, I didn't want to ever start my blog because I felt I was not pretty or cool.  This dang thing that people have put on us to be perfect has killed and scared many so I choose to finally give that up and love who I am, for who I am not what people want me to be!

Here are a few links that have made me think twice about how I view my self.

body contest
1. This final that Kara did is super awesome and shocking at the same time.
swim suit

2. Goodness I fell in love with Jes beach post.
self love
4. Amy's summer of self-love has made such an impact. 
proud of my size
5. When I found this I nearly cried.  I showed my I don't have to hide because I am a bigger girl.

Have a wonderful Saturday and start loving you for you.

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