Monday, July 2, 2012

cross country trail Adventure

bridge ant rabbits green mushrooms featherThe other day my best friend and I went on a cross country trail in our town.  Since we live in the valley I am starting to find out that there is so much pretty wild life beyond the town.  It really awesome because I was going to move so that I could see things like this.  Thank God for the curiosity heehee. We have been exploring different places that we can find mushrooms and cool things.  And since one of my summer goal is to find new places and things every week it has been really exciting.

We found so many things.  We seen two (not so scared) rabbits, a giant ant, beautiful mushrooms, feathers, crazy flowers, and spiders (didn't get a good pictures cause he was moving so much). It was a good day and I hope we go back for more.

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  1. You ARE so beautiful! Keep up the awesome, m'lady.
    xoxo Jes