Saturday, November 3, 2012

the famous leaf turning


Who thought at nineteen I would be frustrated about what people thought of me? I as sure didn't. By 13 years old I felt like I knew who I was and I was okay and a bit over joyed. I knew I was weird and that no one got most of what I did, and I dressed a lot different then most teenagers. I was fine with ME! Then came the blogging world. About 2 years ago I started my blog. But in the attempt to do that I got clouded by all the trendy things going on in the blogger world. I felt like I had to be like then to make my mark but that didn't happen. I lost myself in the polished outfits, nude makeup, and watered down interest. I am not say that all of that is bad because I do get inspiration out of it, but you can not shove yourself into something that is nowhere near who you are. I had become a box of something that I despised. I lost joy with who I was, how I viewed things, and my days felt horrible. I felt like I was to old to do anything magnificent  since so many people by my age had there stuff together.  I kept looking back at the shadow of who I was I hoped one day maybe just one day I could be me, happy, unmatched me again! About a few weeks ago I became really frustrated with who I had become, reminiscing on how I used to view the world. So shock off fake me and went on walks like I used to, started altering my clothes again, bedazzled everything, and stated dreaming again. I know I have so much in store for me, and that I just need to stay true to myself. This post might be a little clique but I am so fine with it!
Are there somethings you want to or have turned a leaf to?

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