Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to square one


Losing site of who you are is the worst things one can do.
Being caught in what everyone else what's you to be is the second worst things.

So after regaining my site, i realized that i was someone completely different of who i really am.
I am:
a note taker
monster maker
last one to EVER find TRENDS
cartoon watcher
HEAVY make-up wearer
not cool
wear clothes due to emotion of the day
accessories wearer
horrible picture taker
maker of cute things
alter all my clothes
coffee hater
not a vegan or vegetarian

This is not at all to offended anyone, this is just a push me stat for me that i lost focus of. I wanted so bad to be a blogger that i started following what people did and forgot about the real things i loved.
I started this blog to build relationships with fellow d.i.yer's, a journal of my style, adventures that i went on, talking about heavy make-up, and just random things that come to mind.

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