Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love Yourself : First Zine

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so as you can see, i made my first zine and it incredibly  exciting! since then i have been dreaming of make so many more about different topics that i love, am interested in and all that wonderful stuff. anywho my inspiration came from Kara and her amazing babevibes site, and zine that her and some pals came up with. If you haven't read it or printed out a million from every women you know your missing out.
after reading Kara's zine and a lot of what Jes (and some of my other fav bloggers) have to say about self love, individuality, and being a tad bit self centered, I got super pumped and busted this little baby out in like ten minutes at three in the morning.  i encourage everyone to make a zine about them self when they want to give up on the world its very therapeutic!
anyway, have you made any zines lately? or if you were to write one what would it be about?
go love yourself, and have an amazing day!

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