Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer to do list


As a kid I never took advantage of things. So when I started blogging taking pictures that said things, catching things at the right time and really taking advantage of this was all new to me.  Coming into the summer months before I go to college I want to soack up every single bit of it, then just watch movies and sitting around for things to come up.  I came up with goals that I want to accomplish and a bit of a long to do list (but there fun so were good heehee.)


1. My first is to really expect God to do big thing this summer. For him to build and brake things down.
2. This summer I really want to lose 30 pound or more of course.
3.I am so stinkin excited about this one! OPEN SHOP! I have been wanting to open my shop for about two years, yeah it a long freaking time heehee.  Over the summer I am planning to grow some kahonies and just do it.
4. This one is really important because every year I would let it fly by. I want to know that I did things before September comes.
5. I always want a camera in my hand and snaping pictures. I always have that intention to take pictures but leave it in my pocket or purse.
6. I have 1 brother and 4 little sisters that I not going to really hang out with them during the school year so I want to hang out and have fun with them.  My mom and I decided to make a summer play camp where we just have games and fun things for them to do. I'm really excited.
7.I  REALLY need to do this.
8. I love thrifting but I never had a schedule so I want to go weekly to find awesome things.
9. I pretty big on trying new thing and finding new things but I don't do it enough.  I want to do it weekly, it could be food, recipe, looking at new blog and all that good stuff.
10. RIDE BIKE AND WALK PLACES (seld explanitory)
11. I love the way I dress(sorry if i sound consetted I'm really not) but I get embaressed if someone says something about my outfit.  This summer I will STOP DOING THAT TO MESELF!
to do list
TO DO LIST: This list is pretty self explantory.  I just want to make thing count and really try to do thing. I'm so stinkin excited because I never gave my self a fun to do list or pushed myself to make my days count.

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