Wednesday, September 12, 2012

12 Random things about Me


I wanted to write this post so that you might be able to see my personality or a bit of who I am.

1. I live in a teeny tiny town called Orange Cove in California.
2. My most favorite animals live in the sea or a farm
3. I can't decide on just one favorite animal :)
4. I love mostly all types of music.
5. I am very awkward!
6. I dislike fads
7. My dream is to travel and see many places
8. The color combinations turquoise and orange make me happy!
9. I love to create things
10. I can be really shy when around people
11. My real name is Sabrina :0
12. I am an impulsive laugher
13. I collect a lot of nonsense
14. I like being different
15. get stuck onto many shows

Nice to meet you!

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