Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plastic charm braclet :D.I.Y

Lately I have noticed that some how I have lost a lot of my jewelry and have been dying for more (dying is taking it a bit far.) Since I have crazy amounts of jewelry making stuff I have been making some. Awhile back I got some Tokidoki make-up brushes and the plastic box had all kinds of great pictures. So being a huge hoarder as I am I kept them not knowing what to use  them for. I finally have put them to good use!


You will need chain, plastic pictures, hole puncher, wire tools, jump rings and a clasp.

02 03

1. Hole punch all plastic pieces.
2. Put jump ring though hole punch.
3. Add onto chain
4. Add the clasp to the ends
You are DONE!


  1. What a rad idea. I love the necklace. Looks mega awesome.

  2. Hey meagan! I have had a busy week and FINALLY got to the post office to mail your letter with the 10 questions today! Sorry its so late. I really didn't mean to take so long with it. Eeeep! I hope it arrives soon! Hugs n skulls A-M

    1. Ya its totally fine. I just sent mine out too. It has been super crazy and what not so hope you get it on time:)