Monday, October 29, 2012

weekend bits

Happy Monday! This weekend felt like a dragged on but ended so quickly, if that makes any sense.I had a really busy and lazy weekend.  On Friday I just watched movies and vegged. But on Saturday I woke up extremely early and had to make a cake and cupcakes for my sisters birthday party and then had to do some make-up. It was good I had a lot to do a lot to organize and think about.
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1//On Friday it rained and the clouds looked like they were going to explode 2//getting woken up by bunny kisses is the best part on my day 3//found some weird bugs while pomagranite picking 4//make-up 5&6// Poisson Ivy

Doing make-up this weekend motivated me to really start up again and not care and just really GO FOR IT!
How was your weekend?

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