Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gum wall

So a little fun fact for you about my self, I like anything that is close to being different or not liked or seen much. Well ever sence I have heard and seen pictures about the gum wall in Seattle Washintion I fell head over heals.  Its kinda gross, but I think that is why I like it.  That and because you can make art with a piece of tiny gum....Oh and its colorful! wink*
gum wall seattle gum wall seattle
home gum wall home gum wall
So finally after gawing over Seattles gum wall, I decided to make my own.  I thought why not. My family chews gum like no other so we should fill it up really fast.  Half of these are my little sister's, she is quite fond of gum. Instead of asking for candy or icecream she always asks for gum. And she never descrimanates. I took these about three days ago and it has way more. I really excited to see how far this goes. If I make more then one or if stops? 
Do you have anything that you have that is weird?  Would you ever create a gum wall?  Do you have one?



  1. I remember watching one of those travel shows growing up and i don't remember where but there was an alley way that was called the gum alley. I remember there was a gum flower on the wall.
    This is a very cool idea. I wouldn't mind starting my own gum wall. It would be weird but fun!

  2. wow... that gum wall is actually pretty cool looking!