Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shop Talk

I am so stocked and nervous that it is almost July. Yes, you guessed it I am opening a Shop! For about two years I have been obsessively dreaming of the day I would grow the .... braveness, but it never did.  There was always thought of not being able to live up to people on etsy or even bloggers.  So this summer I decided to put those thoughts a side, pick my confidence off the floor and give it a try.  It has been such an amazing experience to see my creativity grow from when I started thinking of ideas till now. Its been neat to go through my sketches from the past two years, most of which I laugh at.

The last week or so have been inspiring, filled with late night tea making. It's been so cool to see my confidence come back to health and really taking ideas and running with them.

Since my creativity has been bubbling my crafting area, started to blend in to the rest of my room has been in total ruins.  Here are some snippets of my craziness.

shop paintbrushes feathers and tools carving tools dye tea dyed feathers dirty desk

  Today's lesson is to not let your confidence hit the floor or even go near it. We all have different strong suites and God never intended you to look EXACTLY like someone. Okay Dr. Meagan is out.(heeeheee) Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Yay! Good luck with the new shop, that is exciting! It looks like you are having fun making stuff!