Saturday, August 11, 2012

40 before 20

40 before 20

This year I have been trying out a lot of new things, such as pushing myself to embrace life, instead of letting it pass me by. I have always been mellow and and passive, so it really hit me a few days before my birthday that I was turning 19 years old, and this was the time that what ever I put my hand to do, is what will shape my future. I want to be happy with my life.  Not necessarily have something to show for it, but when I look back I want to be able to say, "that was amazing , and I regret nothing."

I have never really been good with goals and keeping up any of them, but I thought I would try it out again. I made a list of Forty things to do before I  turned twenty. I wanted my list to be things that scared me, but challenge me, yet are still realistic. The inspiration came from Kara of I Just Might Explode. So here goes nothing!

I will be documenting each accomplishment on my blog and will be ending the list on August 2, 2013.

1. stop and go flim
2. watch sun rise
3. make some vlogs
4. buy an instant camera 
5. do crazy makeup for photos
6. stop drinking soda for a month 
7. go on a small road trip with cousins- done 
8. visit sequoia national park
9. write a poem
10. learn to paint- done
11. embroider 
12. use snail mail
13. make a real life friend
14. go roller skating 
15. sew a dress
16. visit sun maid raisin factory  
17. collect and press flowers 
18. start my business 
19. read 5 books
20. go camping 
21. make a recipe book 
22. leave money on a vending machine
23. family trip
24. take a pic of a kid laughing 
25. throw a bom fire 
26. take family portrait
27. buy a bikini 
28. screen print 
29. take 52 portrait of myself
30. take an e-course class  
31. get licence/ get car
32. be a vegetarian for a week
33. get a tattoos 
34. take 2 rows of film  
35. go to the aquarium 
36. find a club to join
37. visit 3 different museums
38. get an A in a class
39. take pictures with 100 different people, 10 MUST be strangers
40. relive everything in pictures

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