Monday, August 13, 2012

Responsibility is over Rated!


Today was my first day of COLLEGE! Yes I am now a college student and I am kind of excited. I am just going to my city college, but none the less the responsibility of being an adult is making me giddy. It might sound really naive of me, but pretty much all of my life things were done for me and many decisions were made for me. I'm not complaining because I do appreciate what every one has done for me, but I am also super excited to see what putting my trust in God and my hands will bring to life.

The past few months I have been getting more and more responsibility and I am starting to feel like an adult. Iv'e always kind of been responsible, helping around the house, being a mini adult and what not but it felt like the last couple of years I had been relying on my mom and other people to do and make the adult decisions. Since I started home studies I found myself being afraid of failing or the thought of failing.  I would also quite things because I would look at them as a job or a chore. So my solution was to quite before I could fail, or stop my hobby because it wasn't fun anymore. My thinking wasn't full proof but you know teenagers *wink.  These past two years have been a bit hard with me always crushing my own dreams because I was running from failure. So I decided to stop running and live out my dreams, To really love life and stop worrying about what might bust, crack or brake as long as I am living out my life.

I have been try to take the responsibility a few at a time so I don't go crazy and want to quite. I started looking at my hobbies again with a great deal of happiness.  I have been blogging thing that I love and that are me, instead of blogging things that are in even though I don't like them.  I started looking at my make up and trying new things because before I felt I had to have nature make up because it was in. I also started crafting just for the fun of it.  I also started making stuff for my shop that I like and not just for sales. And the best  is not looking at my life as "it could be better" or "I wish I had her life" but really enjoying what I have and making the most of it. Life is so beautiful but it depend on what side you look at it from.

Also this morning I found it so funny when I went in to my class and I was so giddy to be there, but as I looked around everyone looked so dead and miserable. I think three years of home studies helped me out in that way.
Have a lovely day.

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