Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Go on a Road Trip with my cousins!

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I CHECKED OFF MY FIRST 40 BEFORE 20!  In the beginning of the month(yes I lagged) me and my three cousins took a small road trip to San Jose than went to Santa Cruz.  It was such a fun and busy day, and when you had only two hours of sleep oh man it was tiring.

First we went to San Jose and went to the Egyptian museum, which is were I got most the pictures from. If you have a chance to go you should totally take it.  It was really cheap and there was so much to look at.  They had radio tours, guided tours.
We also went to Winchester mansion, but I could take any pictures there. It is this giant mansion with over 80 something rooms and stuff lead to nowhere and what not.  It is creepy but awesome.  On the tour they talked about the lady who lived there and why she kept building and bit about her life. Everything was in the late 1800 or early 1900 or so.

After we went to downtown Santa Cruz and ended up finding a music and art festival.  There was so to die for food and so many art sellers.  I wanted everything. So I caved and bought some jewelry form an etsy seller.  There was also so amazing dancing Jamaican music and hippies dancing every where.  It was the funniest thing to see my cousins face because they don't really do stuff quite like that but it was an awesome time. 
Once we were done there we headed to the beach, ate Pizza my heat and some amazing teeth killing cupcakes.

All in all I'm am really glad I did this before every one leaves to college and starts there lives.


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