Tuesday, February 26, 2013

40 before 20: snail mail

mail1 mail2

Happy Tuesday everyone!
one of my 40 before 20 was to use snail mail. When i wrote it I a bit skeptical that i would  actually get this one done, because i am a bit of a lagger. haha. So when i seen kitty and buck lovely letters i was ecstatic and i signed up. My partner was Ann- Marie, and she is so freakin' cool. She's a talented artist and she like using snail mail. maybe she will write you?

Overall this was really fun. it opened me up to an new thing that i love doing, and i got to meet some one new. hopefully i will meet a lot of other snail mailers hahha. and i will definetley keep doing this.  if you want to snail mail me email me at fliesinapeachcan@gmail.com for my address. Its fun and i'm not that boring I promise.


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