Wednesday, February 6, 2013

chopped hair and conversation


So i finally went though what i have wanted to do for months. I cut all my dead weight i called hair, and i love it. It has taken a bit to get used to it since i never had short hair. But in my two weeks of living with it i have not regretted it.

Another new thing is the fact that i'm kinda falling in love with college. It might sound a bit dumb or weird, but it has grown on me. And since i hated it from the begging its a good thing. That does not mean i am going to go out and join a fraternity or i go to college parties( which by the way there is nothing wrong with that), but it has opened me to a whole lot of other new things. I have been getting into literature and different art form, such as clay, writing, reading and so much more on my free time. Its so funny because in the begging of my school year i was upset that my mom was making me go to city college and not to an art school that i had been wanting to go for years. But as i look back now these are going to be my experiences that are going to make me later. So since my last class period (about 2 hours ago) i have decided that i would take every experience on hand and not let them slip away because it is not my vision of how it should be. And that for me is a huge deal. I always want to have this a certain way or have the results really fast.

okay i am done ranting.

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