Thursday, August 15, 2013

Notebook cover d.i.y

So another school year is starting up and i have been dying for graphic and quoted notebooks. But since i am a college student i thought i would get smart and make my own.

You will need:
-magazine cut out or paper
-water downed glue
-any accessories such as; glitter, rhinestones, or sequence

1. start by cutting your page out. it can be in a pattern, a whole bunch or things or just one thing. For this notebook i went for a simple quote.

2. Water down your glue a tiny bit. its all personal preference. I do 1 part glue to 1/3 part water. Get your glue and put a layer on your notebook.

4. Add your magazine piece. Make sure to start with one corner and press down to the other end so that you don't get air bubbles. I added glitter, you could just add the rest with more magazines or whatever.

5. After you have all you things on the way you want add another layer of glue on top to seal your cut outs so they won't lift up. This is great for glitter so its not everywhere.

You are done now you have awesome notebooks for less than a $.50.
So get crafty and make a whole bunch of them!

Xo- Meagan

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