Monday, August 5, 2013

Here I come 20's

20 sephora comics cards 20

So i am officially  in my 20's! I feel old its GREAT! The reason i look so awkward in the first pic is cause my family was outside watching me, Not cool! Any who my birthday was on friday, and it was probably one of the quietest birthdays ever. Usually i try to fit in twenty things that day and i end up running around like a crazy person. So this year i just spent time with my two cousins and we hung out at the mall, ate beef, and chocolate, and caught a movie. After i went to a friends house, orders in some sushi and watched hell on wheels. It was pretty great.

I got some cool gift this year. The beauty products was birthday money spent on sephoa so it still counts. My friend got me the book and comics, i geeked out with all of them. They were given as my birthday week gifts so that was fun. I finish the book in probably in two days because i had to do other things. Its so great, if you haven't read it, you need to get your hands on it. since i read it i have been making thins like crazy. The comic books are also so amazing they are older DC comics. I think they were made in 98 or so. The stories are so crazy and awesome if you can get you hands on some do it! The last was some birthday cards from my sister and my church family. My sisters card was so funny and made me cry a bit.

Have a great night.

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