Thursday, August 8, 2013

The day we DARE

Outfit: Shirt; jc pennys revamped  Pants; Torrid  Shoes; old navy  Purse; thrifted  Sunglasses; thrifted

This week i started off my week by reading a bunch of fat, loving, feminist, and soaked up how to just not at all care and wear what you want. Today i went jogging in the morning and i felt so good about the day, myself and my body. So i was very daring and wore a crop top for the first time. It was slightly mortifying for about the first hour, but then after hours of wearing it i felt very empowered and freaking awesome! I am REALLY conservative a lot of the time, but i felt this was very over due. I wasn't like "oh boys look at my sexy body" it was more of a statement to my self of "Hey this is my body and i love it." Today was very life changing because i am able to see myself and my body in a new and different light. These past couple of weeks have been a constant battle of how i view my self. Even thought i know i have so much work every step is making me better.

So today i DARE you to do something that is a little bit scary for you that you have been wanting to do for a while. You don't have to be a big girl or wear a crop top, it can be wearing patterns on your pants, showing off your imperfections, wearing a loud tutu to the store or anything that has been condemned as weird. Have fun and Kill it.


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