Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School Suit

Hello Cupcake!
So don't you despise when you set a goal and you are so pumped that you are going through with it and nothing goes your way?.... Well that is what happened to me this last week.  I was so excited that I had posts lined up and I was finally going to blog regularly.....and then my Internet goes and decides to mess up for about a week and a half.  Anyways my Internet is working, so no more complaining or procrastinating.

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I have a night class once a week and since I'm on home studies I always scared to get to dressed up lol. So to avoid looking strange (which I probably do already) I usually wear stuff alone the lines of this: Jeans, plane button up, cardigan, and any shoes. 

It was so funny, when I was editing the pictures I realized that my cardigan was the same color as my wall. So it kind looks like I'm wearing my wall. BE ON THE LOOK OUT GUYS, I'M TOTALLY MAKING IT A TREND!

So what are you more comfortable in? Or do you not mind at all?


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