Saturday, March 10, 2012

D.I.Y: paint swatch calender

   Hello beauty's! I have been on a massive rampage on creating wonderful little things.  The last past year or so I had dropped the ball in making stuff.  I was so focused on other things that were not changing and trying to be someone else.  So I am done acting crazy and ready to be a crazy, colorful crafting lady with bad taste.  Get ready to see all my other crazy ideas. 
   So anyways (sorry I ramble alot) I had been needing a little small date keeper (if not I forget everything) to fit in my purse.  Every time I go to walmart of or anywhere that has a paint department I snag the pretty paint swatches. 
paint swatch calender paint swatch calender

You will need: ribbon or any type of string, lot and lots of colorful markers, paint swatcher, hole puncher, and a glue stick.
 paint swatch calender2

step one: My paint swatch was big enough to fit four pretty big rectangles.  So with a pincil draw an outline of how ever many squares or rectangles you want.

paint swatch calender3

Step two: Outline your line you did with the pencil.  I like making designs on all of them.

paint swatch calender4

Step three: Glue two pages together.  This is kinda optional.  But so that there wouldn't be so many pages everywhere.

paint swatch calender5

Step four: Number all your pages once you have them glued. because the first time I did this my dates were all wrong heehee.

paint swatch calender6

Step five: Make you month page. 
Step six: Hole punch all your pages and tie it together.

Tada All Done! Now you can be an organized wonder:)


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