Monday, May 6, 2013

Tile project

Happy Monday!

I may have mentioned that I am in a ceramic class for college. Going into it I had no high hopes of it making a big impact on me, but it has changed EVERYTHING. My first semester was a begging class. It taught all the fundamentals and just getting use to the clay. This semester I am taking and intermediate class and it is mixed with people that just came from the begging class, and people that have been doing it for a couple of semesters. It is the best. Everyone learns off each other and they are all willing to showing how to do something if you are having a problem with it.

One of our assignments this semester was to make a 12 by 12 tile that represented us or something we liked or believe in. It couldn't be someone else's work or words. For my tile I wanted to do something that represented me. Oh my goodness it took me soooo long to figure out what the heck would represent me. SO i thought "well since my mind is always everywhere anyways, I'll do a head opening up with random stuff coming out of it." This was from the begging stages of it. There are tons more stuff on it now, but since its the end of the year stuff is everywhere. I will get more pictures and show the end result.

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